Garden Statues

Natural stone Garden statues

<span style="\&quot;font-family:" tahoma;\"="">Natural stone garden statues made by hand. Available separately or with wooden or stone plinth. Made to measure!

Borowski Outdoor

Borowski Outdoor

Borowski's most beautiful glass objects for outdoors in the garden. Equipped with atmospheric light!



Looking for a suitable pedestal for your new garden statue? Click here for bluestone plinths in different colours and solid plinths of oiled wood.

For the most beautiful and nicest collection garden sculptures you go to Arteaux Art & Design. In 2019 we introduced a great collection natural stone sculptures with unique and origial designs. Every single sculptures is unique and a true piece of art! The sculptures are available with or without a oiled wooden pedestal or a natural stone pedestal.

We also have a wonderful Borowski Outdoor collection of which a selection is exhibited in our gallery.

We have sculptures in every style and every garden!

Our garden sculptures are of the highest level of quality, creativity and entirely handcrafted. Below you can choose with collection you want to discover first: natural stone sculptures or the Borowski Outdoor Collection.