Borowski decorative Garden Glass object 'Lucky Bird'

Product no.: AR-BO32-11

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Art object from Borowski Glass object 'Lucky Bird': Beautiful glass art object in combination with metal, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Whether he is happy is not proven, but he looks so with his summery green glass feather dress that contrasts with his rust-coloured wings.

The friendly creatures and characters of OUTDOOR OBJECTS provide encounters of the fabulous kind in gardens and parks. Chameleon, Bird, Armadillo and all the others seem to come from another world - and they bring a bit of their world into ours. The OUTSIDE OBJECTS form a wonderful bond with their surroundings - and invite their owners to smile and dream. Individual, happy guests await you and add a special magic to your favourite outdoor space.

The OUTSIDEOBJECTS are weatherproof and can be left outside all year round. They are all carefully handmade and mouth-blown works of art.

When assembling your object, ensure that it stands securely and does not wobble or fall over in windy or bumpy conditions. Use the fixing eyes provided at the factory. Place your object so that it is safe from falling rocks or broken branches. Please note that the objects are very heavy due to their quality and that protruding parts (e.g. beaks, eyes, ears, tails, crowns) are not suitable as handles.

Dimensions HxLxW approx: 127x100x10 cm

Hand-blown and traditionally hand-crafted glass objects may show slight variations in colour and shape, which are unavoidable for production reasons. Air inclusions in the glass are a sign of hand-made products and should not be considered a defect. There may be deviations of a few centimetres in the dimensional specifications.

Please note: When it says 'in stock', this does not mean that we always have this item in stock at our gallery in Maastricht. Please mail or call us if you have any further questions about this item.

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