Borowski Art Glass

Borowski Art Glass Outdoor Garden Sculptures

Borowski Art Glass Outdoor Garden Sculptures

Borowski Glass art statues for the garden. Beautiful, colorful and cheerful garden statues made of glass that enrich your garden.

Borowski Glass Studio Line

Borowski Glass Studio Line

Borowski studioline glass objects are more than just a piece of art, beautiful for your livingroom or office.

Borowski Artist Line

Borowski Artist Line

Borowski glass art statues, colorful and cheerful garden statues made of glass that colorfully decorate your garden.

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Borowski Art Glass:

Borowski Art Glass was founded by Stanislaw Borowski, an internationally recognized and acclaimed glass studio. Over the years it has become an exclusive brand for glass objects and sculptures of the highest quality and incredible creativity. That creativity is in the family, because nowadays the glass studio is run by sons Wictor and Pawel Borowski.

Borowski stands for glass art with pure fascination. Glass as a unique material experiences the interplay of light, form and colour and provides Borowski with daily inspiration that is reflected in the special glass art objects for the home, office or outside in the garden. The Borowski glass art works guarantee a high quality and are created through the use of old, almost forgotten techniques of traditional glass processing combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Our collection of glass art is also definitely worth a visit. We work together with special European glass studios and studios to always offer an original and unique collection. One of the eye catchers is undoubtedly the work of the Borowski atelier. Borowski Glass Art makes high end glass art and we are proud to be a dealer for the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Over the years we have become a point of contact for the Borowski collection.

The beautiful statues of Borowski are delivered to your home free of charge and, if desired, placed in your garden. The outdoor objects are almost all equipped with a lamp on the inside, which gives the objects a unique look in your garden in the evening as well. This creates an orignal and atmospheric garden.

With Borowski glass objects your homes can also be enriched in an exclusive way. They are truly art objects of the highest quality and creativity. For more information you can always visit our gallery or contact us via or by phone on +31 (0)34 326 04 90.