Decorative glass vases and bowls

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Glass collection 'Primary Colours'

Product no.: AR-LO24.71 V

Follow your intuition with the colourful, glass collection 'Primary Colours', because real happiness comes from within!

from 119.00

can be shipped within 5 days

Glass crystal vases 'Purple Pink'

Product no.: AR-LO12.856.30 V

This mouth blown Crystal glass cylinder vases 'Purple Pink' is an incredibly impressive eye-catcher on your closet!

from 125.00

can be shipped within 5 days

Glass vases and bowl 'Red Blue Green'

Product no.: AR-LO027 V

The art pieces from the glass vases and bowl 'Red blue green' will make your day a lot more colourful!

from 99.95

can be shipped within 5 days

Artful Colorful decorative Calico cat

Product no.: AR-LO203 - V
Artful Colorful decorative Calipo cat, that will brighten up any room and for any cat lover a great gift.
from 399.00
In stock
can be shipped within 3 days

New Crystal vase 'To the Top'

Product no.: AR-LO40 V

These beautiful modern crystal vases 'To the Top' look great in every home or office. The vase is available in 4 different colours.


can be shipped within 5 days

Modern frosted Glass sculpture 'the wise owl' -

Product no.: AR-LO.L.012-V

This modern deco glass object made of frosted glass in the shape of a wise owl is an eye-catcher for any interior. 

from 79.00
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Modern Glass Sculpture 'Frog

Product no.: AR-LO.L.004 Kikker V

Decorative modern Glass sculpture of a frog, a gift to brighten your living room, office or to make you smile.

from 75.00
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Purple glass bowl and vase 'Fairy Tale'

Product no.: AR-LO79.42.26 V

This mouth blown purple glass bowl and vase 'Fairy Tale' is an incredibly impressive eye-catcher on the table!

from 169.00

can be shipped within 5 days

New Bohemian crystal vases 'Web'

Product no.: AR-LO4001 V

Beautiful Bohemian crystal vases Web look great in every home or office. The vase is available in 4 intriguing colours!


can be shipped within 5 days

Brown glass vases 'Nature'

Product no.: AR-LO03.40.66 V

The handmade brown glass vases 'Nature' have splendid green details and a calming appearance.

from 109.00

can be shipped within 5 days

Decorative crystal Big Heart

Product no.: AR-LOJR20-V

The most beautiful gift to get but also to give, with this Heart of Crystal you will make many people happy!

In stock
can be shipped within 3 days

All Vases and bowls

For every interior a matching glass vase or bowl of glass.
For every interior a suitable glass vase, bowl of glass or a matching vase and bowl.
A beautiful, special vase of glass or a large glass bowl fit any interior. A glass vase is practical to use for flowers, but can also be a stand-alone art object made of glass.
In addition to glass vases and bowls made of glass, also has glass sets. Carefully, handmade objects, with a beautiful look that go well together, by either the same design, or a different color. 
A beautiful glass bowl and matching vase of glass is very suitable as a special gift.

Decorative vases and bowls of glass

Decorating your own home can be incredibly easy with the decoration glass sets from Our decorative glass sets meet all your needs in terms of shape, color and size, and fit together beautifully. Decorate your home based on your ideas and evoke an atmosphere that is personal. Decoration vases made of glass or flower vases are an absolute must when it comes to style and creativity. Our vases and bowls can range from classic to ultra-modern and fit almost any interior.
Our decorative vases and bowls are handmade and are generally made of glass. You are spoiled for choice in terms of the look of the glass vases, glass combined with metal makes the vase come alive. metal. The vases are available in many different sizes and colors. Use the vases and bowls to decorate the table for dinner with friends or just as a showpiece in your living room. With a small glass vase and a fresh flower wish every guest feels just as welcome. Very popular are also the bow vases that showcase modern design and artistic work. Brightly colored glass vases in any room add a personal touch and bring fresh air into the room. There are no limits to the freedom of design and in our online store you will surely find for the right decoration.
Vases and bowls are multifunctional, they are both practical and decorative and make monotonous interiors come alive again. A beautiful vase and bowl can provide the finishing touch in any room. Put a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your vase, or just a bouquet of dried flowers. Place fruit on the bowl of glass, or a nice drying piece. Place vases in different sizes and in multiple colors together and keep experimenting. Just because vases and bowls come in so many sizes, shapes and colors, there will always be a vase that perfectly matches your interior.

Flower vase and fruit bowl

A vase can take on a completely different look when a different bouquet of flowers or dried flowers is placed in it, which is why it's nice to alternate from time to time. You can use a flower vase to put flower arrangements, dried flowers, faux herbs, decorative branches or colorful sand. And if you don't have these, no worries. Then put the vase and bowl on the table or sideboard and let it serve as a decorative home accessory.