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Borowski design glass object 'Prince'

Product no.: AR-BO99-30

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A beautiful art object created by Pawel Borowski. The glass object, called "The Prince" is composed of various types of coloured glass and techniques, giving this warrior the ultimate powerful look. Various grinding techniques have been applied, which gives this art object a very special appearance. A real eye-catcher for your home or office! 

Dimensions approx HxWxD: 90x40x25 cm

Mouth-blown and traditionally hand-crafted glass objects can show small deviations in colour and shape which are unavoidable for production purposes. Air bubbles in the glass are a sign of hand-made products. The size information may have deviations of a few centimetres.

Please note: When it says 'in stock', this does not mean that we always have this item in stock in our gallery in Maastricht. Please mail or call us if you have any further questions about this item.

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1 - 1 of 13 results