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Glass Beetle Art

Decorative glass bowl Herkules by Borowski in the shape of a beetle, is available in 3 colors. Unique handmade glass art object. This bowl is not only for decoration, you can also put anything in it, from a plant to writing materials. In the office this is also a real eye-catcher. Beautiful and valuable gift to get and to give to family, friends and business associates. You can also combine this artful bowl with the Herkules Lamp and Herkules Bug.

Dimensions approximately HxLxW: 25x28x19 cm
With a body length of up to 17 centimeters, the Hercules beetle is the longest beetle in the world. Our glass artists have captured the bizarre aesthetic of this rare contemporary and created a bowl entirely Borowski-style, friendly, imaginative and like from another star.
Each object shown here embodies the craftsmanship of our glassmakers. Behind each of the objects, which look so light, cheerful and colorful, is a complex manufacturing process that often involves sweat. Today, only a few people or factories master the ancient, demanding craft of glassmaking.
In Borowski's glass factory, it is possible to work with almost all known techniques of cold and hot glass processing - this allows the artists to realize demanding visions and always new, experimental ideas.
With mouth-blown and traditionally handmade glass items, minor deviations in color and shape may occur, which are unavoidable for production reasons. Air inclusions in the glass are a sign of manual manufacture and should not be considered a defect. Size specifications may vary.

Please note: When it says 'in stock', this does not mean that we always have this item in stock in our gallery in Maastricht. Please mail or call us if you have any further questions about this item.

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