Decorative Birthday Art Gifts

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Art object Rabbit Pink for a birthday (Size: Small)

Art object in the shape of a spinning and dancing rabbit from the animal collection by Niloc Pagen. This is a fun birthday gift!

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can be shipped within 1 days

New Bronze statues set Butterflies

Product no.: AR-BRHA00789

Brons sculpture Letting go Butterflies fly away from a hand and towards freedom, the ultimate gift


Glass Deco 'Fantasy'

Product no.: AR-GLD39466[1]

The many beautiful colours of the glass decorative object 'Fantasy' make it the perfect eye-catcher for any interior!

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can be shipped within 10 days

Blue vase with flower pattern

Product no.: AR-DTGL235

Blue Vase with flower pattern is a beautiful handmade vase in an expressive shape with a colourful pattern.

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New Painting Butterflies on black canvas

Product no.: AR-AT2392

Cheerful unique modern colourful painting of diverse butterflies on a black background on canvas.

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Petrified wood sculpture: Wild Rock

Product no.: AR-501016

This piece of petrified wood 'Wild Rock' has been roughened by the natural violence it was exposed to millions of years ago

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can be shipped within 1 days

Petrified Earthnut AR-501015

Product no.: AR-501015

Wherever petrified wood is buried under the sediment, special prehistoric objects come to light, such as this petrified peanut

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can be shipped within 1 days

Borowski candlestick Frosch

Product no.: AR-BO01-Frosch Candlestick V

Glass object Frosch Candlestick by Borowksi is a candlestick and stylish glass object. Available in the colors lime, orange, blue and green.


can be shipped within 3 days

Beme! Painting 'Inside Out'

Product no.: AR-BM21012

'Inside Out' is a colourful painting on plexiglass by Beme!

'You will see in the world what you carry in your heart'


Beme! Small building block Make peace with your broken pieces

Product no.: AR-BM21006

Small building block 'Make Peace with your broken pieces'. Unique colourful painted on plexiglass with a meaningful message.

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can be shipped within 5 days

Art Object 'Yoga Dog' MC by Mia Coppola (Size: Large)

The unique 'Yoga Dog' exudes tranquility and was designed by Mia Coppola. Available in different sizes, colors and designs.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Bronze sculpture 'Sparrow'

Product no.: AR-BRHA001

Bronze statue 'Sparrow': A beautifully detailed statue of a sparrow suitable for garden and living room. Brings the outdoor feeling inside!


Bronze sculpture 'The Meeting'

Product no.: AR-BRMA00686-1

modern bronze statue depicting the meeting of two men sitting on a column. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, with beautiful patina.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Bronze sculpture 'Freedom in Flight

Product no.: AR-BRMA00682-1

Bronze sculpture 'Freedom in Flying' shows three birds flying together in a circle. The sculpture symbolizes freedom.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Bronze sculpture 'Providing support

Product no.: AR-BRMA00665-1

Bronze sculpture 'Providin support' is a beautiful sculpture of someone looking for a handhold.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Bronze statue 'Overcoming together

Product no.: AR-BRMA00663-1

Bronze sculpture 'Overcoming Together' is a beautiful modern sculpture of a couple who can handle everything together and thus conquer.

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can be shipped within 1 days

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Bronze art statues, colorful sculptures, glass statues and much more! For everyone there is something beautiful to find. Be really original this year and surprise that special someone with a special gift that will last a lifetime. How about a symbolic bronze statue? An original glass sculpture? Or perhaps a cheerful colorful sculpture?

Want to make your gift even more special? All sculptures with a pedestal can be provided with an engraving plate with a personal message. But, order in time because an engraving plate takes about 5 working days.

On this page are nice gift suggestions for birthdays, but be sure to check out the rest of the website. There is much more beautiful stuff there!