Felipe Miguel Binèz

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Binèz Painting 'Fiery Horse'

Product no.: AR-BZ18024

Painting 'Fiery Horse'

Original Spanish title: 'Caballo de Fuego'

Dimensions 120 x 120 cm

Artist: Felipe M. Binez

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Binèz Painting 'Earth Fire Water Air'

Product no.: AR-BZ18021

A vibrant Spanish work of art by Binez: canvas enriched with epoxy, framed in beautiful contrasts, a modern masterpiece.


New Binèz Painting 'Balanced'

Product no.: AR-BZ18019

Painting "Balanced" by Felipe M. Binèz exudes harmony with a balance of colors, shapes and emotion on the canvas.

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Felipe Miguel Binèz

Felipe M. Binèz (25th of May 1979) was born in the Spanish city of Cadiz. Already during his childhood his strong sense of creativity became visable and it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that Felipe persued a carreer in visual arts. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sevilla, where he initially focussed on illustrative art and graphic design. Later he started as a painting artist. He makes use of acrylic paint on canvas and adds an epoxy layer to his paintings, which makes the colours even more lively.

The works by Binèz can be characterized by the abstract figures and the lively, intense colours. His motherland Spain is a great inspiration to him, in particular the city of Cadiz. In his latest works Binèz shows that he develloped his own personal style. His works are mature and has a specific personal quality which can’t be found in the works of others. Felipe has exposed before in galleries in Madrid and Barcelona.