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Glass vases and bowls in multiple sizes
Glass vases and bowls are available in many sizes. A large-sized glass vase gives you the space to put a beautiful bunch of flowers in it. In addition, such a variant is an eye-catcher in itself. Due to the height, it is also nice to put down on its own.
The small glass vases are very suitable as decoration. Place it on the sideboard, in a cupboard or on the table. Flowers and plumes also look nice in this. The size of the vase is good to take into account when purchasing it. Are you going for a large or small format in your home?
Different colors of a glass vase and bowl.
There are infinitely many different colors in which you can buy a glass object. Due to the versatility, there is always one that is suitable for your home. Go for a colorful experience or a color. This item cannot be missed if you want to achieve a cozy atmosphere in the room.
Glass flower vase and tulip vase
A glass flower vase or tulip vase is the perfect way to ensure that the flowers come out beautifully. By purchasing this glass vase you can place the most beautiful flowers and you can still see the entire flower. Choose a beautiful bunch of flowers or a bunch of tulips for the vase and enjoy the look that the space gets.
Flowers make a home cosy, warm and lively. This is the reason that many people like to have flowers on the table. Also make sure to place the pretty flowers in a matching vase. This gives you the atmosphere you would like in your home: atmospheric and a real home feeling.
Glass vases, bowls and objects with a design
The glass vase, bowl or objects are as decoration. Because of the various designs, it is actually a work of art. Think of the abstract glass images or animals immortalized in glass. With these different items, there is always one that is suitable for your home.
Combine the glass vases as decoration with glass bowls for matching sets. This creates cohesion at home. You don't have to match, of course, also opt for scales that contrast for a playful effect. Here you can look at your own style and what the effect is you want to achieve.

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