Crail Moansburg

Crail Moansburg


Crail Moansburg

Het grote doek van Crail Moansburg is hun grootste (580cm X 140cm) doek ooit en opgespannen op locatie.

De techniek van alle werken is 'mixed media on canvas'.

'Artist Crail Moansburg has a big silk screen studio in the Karl Marx Factory, an old curling iron factory in The Hague. Working together as an ever-changing group of artists, never ceasing to create. Originating from the thought that art should be, above all, layered, their vision on this aesthetic has been developed and made explicit. The work shows the absolut randomness of the fetish we have with the capitalist information culture we live in, and yet also a loving glance and a grand admiration for times gone by.'

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Schilderij Crail Moansburg Cure I

Productnr.: AR-CM342010


Schilderij Crail Moansburg Cure II

Productnr.: AR-CM342011


Schilderij Crail Moansburg 'Hotel Crail Moansburg'

Productnr.: AR-CM342012


Schilderij Crail Moansburg 'Tigra Pink'

Productnr.: AR-CM342013


Schilderij Crail Moansburg Tigra Yellow

Productnr.: AR-CM342014


Schilderij Crail Moansburg 'Tigra Blue'

Productnr.: AR-CM342015


Schilderij Crail Moansburg 'Steady Nerves'

Productnr.: AR-CM342016