Beme! painting 'Discovering'

Product no.: AR-BM21015

'Discovering' is one of the colourful paintings on plexiglass by Beme!

The external world gives you a chance to discover who you really are within.


Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm (plexiglass 5 mm thick)

In which world do you live?

What you experience outside yourself is a reflection of what is going on inside you. If you are not (yet) aware of what is going on inside, you are going to blame the circumstances and people around you for how you feel.
You will try to 'fix' the other person or the situation to make yourself feel better. You will want to control the outside world because you do not want to go inside yourself yet. Unconscious patterns make sure that you only look outside yourself. We avoid the 'pain' from the past.

What do we not want to feel (yet)? What are we perhaps still ashamed of?

We all have edges that we would rather not show to the outside world, nor to ourselves. Yet they are O.K.
Be extra gentle with yourself.

As a result, the outside world will be an even nicer place to live in. Just because it is a reflection of your inner world.

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