Beme! Small building block 'I love you twice' AR-BM21004

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Small building block 'I love you Twice' a stone for a more beautiful world. Unique colourful painted on plexiglass with a nice message.
Size 20 x 20 x 3 cm
My technique of painting is like the 'ART' of life. By painting on the back of Plexiglas the result is also invisible to me. There is no control. I cannot 'improve' anything. Just as I have learned to live, I also make my paintings from my heart, my feelings, in flow. It is a form of blind trust in myself.
It is a process of letting go.
It is complete surrender.
It is freedom, letting go, allowing, without any rules.
It is being myself without any outside guidance. Without a mask, without a straitjacket.
I show myself as I am, I accept myself as I am.
I hope I may inspire you with my colourful paintings on plexiglass and accompanying stories, so that you too can show the world your own colour!
I can only!

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