Bemel Painting 'Make peace with your broken pieces'

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Painting ''Make peace with your broken pieces'' Broken pieces can be turned into master pieces, Unique colourful painting on plexiglass
size 100x100 cm
Every day we encounter a problem, or rather a challenge. Often unexpectedly and sometimes brutally, they come into your life. We are all inclined to solve problems 'out of the way'. We don't want to deal with the pain that comes with them, and we'd rather hide the associated feelings.
However, this is not how it works. You will notice that you keep encountering the same problems/challenges. That is because the problem is not the problem.  There is always a message behind every problem. But we have not learned to look for the message.  We have learned to solve the problem, or put it away.
By asking the right questions, you can find out what the message is, and the problem will make itself smaller. You have to dare to look into your eyes.  The result is growth. Because that is always the message. You become more and more the person you are meant to be.
Embrace your pain. And you will feel reborn.
My technique of painting is like the 'ART' of life. By painting on the back of Plexiglas the result is also invisible to me. There is no control. I cannot 'improve' anything. Just as I have learned to live, I also make my paintings from my heart, my feelings, in flow. It is a form of blind trust in myself.
It is a process of letting go.
It is complete surrender.
It is freedom, letting go, allowing, without any rules.
It is being myself without any outside guidance. Without a mask, without a straitjacket.
I show myself as I am, I accept myself as I am.
I hope I may inspire you with my colourful paintings on plexiglass and accompanying stories, so that you too can show the world your own colour!
I can only!

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