Painting All Eyez on Me Thijs Heijnen from our Tefaf Collection

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The beautiful Pop Art painting 'All Eyez on Me' by Thijs Heijnen is a unique and colorful painting on canvas from our Tefaf Collection! The painting shows a lady in the artist's typical style. The background in yellow and pink tones has some elements in the graffiti style. This colorful and cheerful painting can bring a room to life. Also nice as a diptych with 'I Am in Love with Louis'​.
Height: 120 cm
Width: 100 cm
Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was stimulated by the drawings and paintings of my father. He was and is fanatically involved with art. As a result I soon found myself painting next to him in his studio. I then stood in his rain boots (7-mile boots) and a shirt of his. As you can imagine, that looked rather odd. That's how I learned how it felt to work with a brush, paint and a canvas. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but soon something 'meaningful' came out of it. My very first canvas was a fact! 
Thijs Heijnen illustrator and artist of humorous and burgundian artworks executed in mixed techniques. Thijs has a background as an illustrator and has increasingly focused on works of art where his previous experience is still reflected in various mixed techniques such as painting, paintbrushing and illustrative drawing finished with matching varnish or epoxy finishes that give an extra colour and depth dimension to his works of art.
Not sure if this painting fits your interior? We can help you visualize this. Mail the name of the painting/paintings with a photo of the place where you want to hang the painting to We will make sure that you receive the photo back with the painting placed in it. This way you can see whether the colors and size suit your interior.

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