Mouth blown vase and bowl 'Black and Orange'

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The mouth blown vases and bowl 'Black and Orange' radiates immense vigour with its colour palette. The collection has a mixture of deep tints of orange, ink black and an unexpected hint of neon green. It also has an impressive gloss.

The glassware from this collection consists of excellent pieces of art for warm interiors or interiors that could use some warmth! This is a fitting present for warm personalities and stands out on a low cupboard, reception or desk.

Measurements: glass cylinder vase 'Black and orange' height approx. 50 cm

                               mouth blown bowl 'Black and orange' diameter approx. 45 cm


Please note: Mouth blown and traditionally handmade glass objects may show small deviations in colour and shape which are unavoidable for production purposes. Air bubbles in the glass are a sign of hand-made products and should not be considered a flaw. The size information could lead to deviations of a few centimetres.

Not all glass objects are presented in our gallery and when it says ''in stock'', it does not mean that we always have this item in stock in our gallery in Maastricht. Therefore, please call beforehand to check if the art glass object you want to come and see is in stock. When you have further questions about this item, please feel free to mail or call us.

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