Romero Britto

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Romero Britto

Romero Britto is an artist who makes cheerful and colourful art figurines and teapots. The objects are very nice as presents.

Currently the originally Brazilian artist Romero Britto is conquering the Netherlands with his naive pop art. Romero Britto is known for his cheerful and versatile use of colour. He uses everyday forms and drawings. These art objects stimulate our imagination and make many people smile! 

Romero Britto is not only known for sculptures and figurines, but also for his wallets, mugs, teapots, glassware, bags, umbrellas and much more.   

His motifs are cheerful, colorful and cartoonesque and sculptures usually depict animals, especially cats, fish, birds and butterflies. The unmistakable 'signature' of this self-made artist adorns not only canvas but also increasingly utensils such as crockery, leather goods, suitcases and umbrellas. This puts the art of Romero Britto within everyone's reach.