Deco object 'Female Bust' Dots by Didi Diaz

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This decorative female bust is a torso of a female body designed and hand painted by Didi Diaz. The Art object has a glossy black color as a base, then it is worked with cheerfully colored dots. This colorful decorative object is a real eye-catcher in any home / office / store, and is a statement for any space. This art object brings life, love and cheerfulness to your home or office. It is also an original gift for friends, family and business associates. The decorative Bust collection by Didi Diaz is available in different designs.

Dimensions: approx H23 x L20 x W19 cm

Because not all the art objects that are presented in our webshop are also in the gallery in Maastricht, it is advisable if you want to see the art objects in real life to call or email us in advance to avoid disappointment.


"My love for art and colors, inspired by nature and looking outside, drives me to create these beautiful figurines."

Coming from a family of artists, art has always been an integral part of who and what I am. Growing up, I was exposed to the paintings of my grandfather, a National Realist Painter in the 1970s and have always admired his works. With the passion for art, I earned a bachelor's degree in interior design, but I longed for a different style of art, a unique kind of art, to stand out from other artists and still combine with what I was exposed to growing up.
However, my passion for art came later, when I first wanted to become a kindergarten teacher and gained my experience in the United States of Ameri My love for teaching art to my young students is what prompted me to do these designs. I would draw for them and make it a point to make it as playful and quirky as possible. It taught me to look at things differently and think "out-of-the-box". I could definitely say that my designs are a glimpse of what fantasy looks like from a child's perspective.
What made me embrace this art form even more is the feeling of being young because it encompasses the playfulness and humor of children. My art is meant to be appreciated by even the youngest and oldest generations because my color combinations and my representation of what things are. These home decors can stand alone because of the uniqueness and passion behind each individual design.

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