Jochem de Graaf Painting 'Flowerfield' AR-JG002

Product no.: AR-JG002

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Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

<span style="\&quot;color:" rgb(68,="" 68,="" 68);="" font-family:="" &quot;open="" sans&quot;,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 17px;="" text-align:="" justify;\"="">Painter Jochem de Graaf was born in 1954 and now lives in Amersfoort (surroundings), where he also works. The self-taught Jochem de Graaf has one great passion: \"Painting\". Like every painter Jochem de Graaf has an inspiration, namely man! Jochem de Graaf portrays man in a somewhat abstract way on his canvases. The way of working combined with the use of materials give the paintings of Jochem de Graaf a special dimension. The relief gives an enormous depth! By means of incidence of light and shadow this is emphasized once more. Jochem de Graaf also likes to paint flowers. Especially roses, sunflowers and tulips. Jochem de Graaf mainly paints with full, warm colours. Regularly a landscape is also a reason for new ideas. In addition, Jochem de Graaf sometimes wants to work out an abstract painting.

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