Binèz Painting 'Chaos' AR-BZ18020

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Painting 'Chaos'

Original Spanish title: 'Caos'

Dimensions 150 x 80cm

Artist: Felipe M. Binez

an explosion of colour on the canvas, finished off with an epoxy layer for the glossy finish.
Finished with a beautiful black frame.
Greek mythology Chaos is represented as a bottomless void where everything endlessly falls; not downwards, because there is no orientation possible, but in all directions. Out of this vast, grinding disorder, order arose in the form of Night, Darkness, Attraction, Underworld and Earth. From its origin, Earth made Mountains, Sea and Heaven. Night and Darkness together made Ether and Day.
Felipe M. Binèz (25 May 1979) was born in Cadiz, Spain. His creativity already surfaced during childhood and it was no surprise that Felipe started studying at the Academy of Arts in Seville. There, he initially concentrated on illustration and graphic design, before becoming a painter. He paints with acrylic paint on canvas and finishes his paintings with cast resin (epoxy), which makes the colours even more sparkling and really pop off the canvas.
Binèz's work is characterised by abstract forms and strong colours. Binèz is inspired by the dynamics of his native Spain and in particular by his home town. In his latest works, he shows that he has undergone a clear development as an artist. His work is mature and carries an unmistakable personal signature that distinguishes his work from that of others. Felipe has meanwhile exhibited in several galleries in Madrid and Barcelona.
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