Bemel Painting 'No End'

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Painting 'No End' in the end there is no end, Unique colourful painting on plexiglass
dimension 60x100 cm
Einstein said: 'Reality is nothing but an illusion, albeit a persistent one.'
We are not our minds, we are not our bodies, we are pure consciousness. Everything is energy. There is no beginning and no end. Time is not infinite but it is timeless. We only have the NOW. The future and the past exist only in our (limited) minds.  Funnily enough, we believe our own thoughts, and often fear is a consequence.
We think we find happiness through sensual pleasure. But the more you search for it, the more you realise that it does not work.
Live in the NOW. Create silence and space within yourself. Happiness is within. Abundantly.
There is no end.
My technique of painting is like the 'ART' of life. By painting on the back of Plexiglas the result is also invisible to me. There is no control. I cannot 'improve' anything. Just as I have learned to live, I also make my paintings from my heart, my feelings, in flow. It is a form of blind trust in myself.
It is a process of letting go.
It is complete surrender.
It is freedom, letting go, allowing, without any rules.
It is being myself without any outside guidance. Without a mask, without a straitjacket.
I show myself as I am, I accept myself as I am.
I hope I may inspire you with my colourful paintings on plexiglass and accompanying stories, so that you too can show the world your own colour!
I can only!

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