art object 'Dancing Diva Stretch' SWD by Mia Coppola

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Mia Coppola's 'Dancing Diva Stretch' features a beautiful woman stretching. The woman stretches one arm above her head and holds her leg with her other arm. Her body is white and her clothing is silver with white polka dots, this color combination gives this image an elegant look. 'Dancing Diva Stretch' is available in different sizes and colors. There are also different versions: 'Dancing Diva Yoga' and 'Dancing Diva Balance'.



Small: approx. 12H x 4L x 4B cm

Medium: Approx. 27H x 9L x 9B cm

Large: 41H x 12L x 12B cm approx.

Extra Large: approx. 60H x 15L x 15B cm


Note: Because not all art objects presented in our webshop are also displayed in our gallery in Maastricht, it is advisable if you want to see the art objects in real life to call or email us in advance to avoid disappointment.


Mia Coppola was born in 1977. With great love and feeling for vibrant colors and shapes, Mia Coppola has found her own way in her artistic development. What once began as shaping and painting ceramics has evolved into the creation of feminine forms, as well as surprising and funny animals. Mia Coppola's work with cheerful colors has resulted in a cheerful collection of objects that deserve a beautiful place in the home. Many of her artifacts also make great gifts!

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