Mother's Day gift 'Power Woman' Gray by Mia Coppola

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This deco object in the form of a beautiful woman comes from the tube of Mia Coppola. A perfect gift for Mother's Day! A statement in any interior. This art object radiates love, enthusiasm and authority. The hand-painted deco object is available in several versions and designs, which makes it suitable for any interior, at home or at the office. For anyone who wants to make a statement, this is a beautiful and unique gift to get but also to give.  

Dimensions approx:
56H x 21L x 16B

Mia Coppola was born in 1977. With a lot of love and feeling for vibrant colors and shapes, Mia Coppola has created her own path in her artistic development. Inspired by the works of Alberto Giacometti, this collection of 'walking men' and 'walking women' is also a tribute to the famous artist. Mia Coppola's artworks with cheerful colors have resulted in a cheerful collection of objects that deserve a nice place in the home. Many of her artifacts are also great as gifts!

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