Cheerful dog 'Hotdog' Delft Blue by Niloc Pagen

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This 'Hotdog' by Niloc Pagen is painted in a Ming Blue pattern making the dog a true eye catcher. The shape of the dog is inspired by a dachshund. The Delft blue pattern together with the golden color accents make this a recognizable sculpture. The shape and design give this image a cheerful and original look. This cheerful dachshund is always happily waiting for you when you enter your home or office. If you are an animal lover / animal lover, then this art object, brings life, love and cheerfulness to your home or office.


Dimensions: approximately 20 H x 14 D x 86 L cm


Niloc Pagen was born in Heerlen in 1960. Most of his life has been spent abroad. Inspired by different cultures and pop art, he makes colorful art objects from resin.
With his cheerful, colorful and modern artworks Niloc he tries to bring the smile of life to his audience with a wink. His art sculptures of snakes, dogs and many more animals & objects are all hand painted and signed. His objects energize and delight people with distinct shapes and colors.
Are you looking for a colorful and modern sculpture? Then you might well succeed with a sculpture by Niloc Pagen.


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