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Ceramic Art Sculpture 'Little Prince' by Jeannie Hoovers

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From the collection of Jeannie Hoovers comes this beautiful handmade deco art object 'Little Prince'. This deco object is made of ceramic. This beautiful sculpture is unique, only one is made of it. The deco object is an eyecatcher with different accents. The object is playful and fits in every interior whether it is modern or classic. This sculpture is suitable for the office, at home to pamper yourself or as an art gift or business gift. The set piece is an asset to any space. The Flag can be adapted to your wishes, whether it is a country or a city.

Dimensions: approx. H37 x L22 x W27 cm

Jeannie Hoovers is a Dutch artist born in Stramproy (Limburg) in 1951. As an autodidact Jeannie started her career as a visual artist 30 years ago from this Limburg village. Jeannie Hoovers finds inspiration in the power of the full female figure.

She often uses a comic accent in her sculptures with the additional aim of bringing a smile to the viewer or proud owner of one of her captivating sculptures. When this smile appears on the faces of admirers, Jeannie experiences that her work and goal has succeeded in making people happy with her art sculptures.

Note: the sculptures of Jeannie Hoovers are all handmade, which makes them all unique. The sculptures on the website are examples of sculptures made by Jeannie Hoovers. Please contact us for more information.

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