Art Gifts

Presents and Art Gifts

Are you looking for an original art gift? Then you should certainly have a look at the collection of Arteaux Art & Design. We have a wonderful collection art objects and art gifts, more affordable and more exclusive.

art gift

Arteaux Art & Design offers a wide collection of elegant sculptures, colourful paitings and ceramic sculptures. For every taste and budget we have a good proposal!

An art gift is an ideal way to mark the special moments in life in a symbolic way. Especially in case of a marriage, a new life or a farewell it is an excellent and meaningful gift. Also is serves as an perfect promotional gift.

To personalize the gift it is very well possible by engraving a text with a personal message or a name on the sculpture.

You want to see the object in real life before ordering? No problem! A visit to Maastricht isn't complete when you haven't visited the picturesque Jekerwartier with the many artisanal and artistic studio's and store's. Centrally located in the quarter is our art gallery, which you shouldn't miss. There is a permanent exposition of paintings by talented painting artists with whom we coorporate. Currently works by Felipe Miguel Binèz and Thijs Heijnen are exposed in our gallery.