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Christmas Gift for Him

Christmas Gift for Him

Christmas gift ideas for men! Discover the best gifts for your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, friend or a other special man in your life.  

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas! Time to surprise your staff and associates with an end-of-year gift. 

Whether intended for family, friends, acquaintances, employees, clients or associates, a Christmas gift is a great way to say thank you and send good wishes. An annual tradition that can also sometimes cause some headaches. Because how do you stay original every year? We would like to help you with that with these sustainable Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift buying: some people think buying Christmas presents is heaven on earth, but most of us hate it. Often you don't know what Christmas gift to buy because the person already has everything or is just downright awkward. Recognizable? With Arteaux's Christmas gift tips, you will soon be giving great Christmas gifts that you could never have thought of yourself!


Ordering Christmas presents?

Arteaux offers special and extensive Christmas gifts. Surprise your relations, family or employees with original Christmas gifts: a special object made by an artist. The decorative object is a beautiful and unique design product by Arteaux in collaboration with artists and studios. Choice includes, colorful resin sculptures by Niloc Pagen, Mia Coppola and others, bronze sculptures and glass objects by different studios.
You can browse our assortment online and order an original Christmas gift, but of course you are also welcome in our gallery in Maastricht.

Christmas gift Staff 

You can also come to us for more modest Christmas gifts for your staff and/or business relations. Our Christmas gifts consist of a beautiful sculpture with a certificate. There is a suitable Christmas gift for every expression of appreciation. For the finest Christmas gifts for your staff, please email or call us. Ask about the possibilities

Create your own Christmas gift

At Arteaux you can compose your own Christmas gifts and make them as personal as you want. You can give a gift certificate, or an art object with a personal message for each employee. As you can see, each one is unique!
If you are interested in a customized Christmas package for your company, please contact us and schedule an appointment. The Arteaux staff will be happy to give you advice and information to make this Christmas a success as well!