Borowski Tea light Skipper the frog

Product no.: AR-BO15- SKIPPER V

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In perfect elegance, the beautiful glass frog jumps while carrying a candle. The metal feet have a light powder coating and are golden yellow in color. Beautiful dots in a contrasting color are incorporated on the basic color of the body of light purple, light green or peach-coloured glass. The peach color is new in our collection: it is slightly darker and more orange than apricot. With a height of 34 cm, the beautiful frog is a real eye-catcher. Stick a tea light in his belly and the beautiful colors will sparkle even more. Skipper is also suitable as a candle holder for a block candle, for a light chain or plant bowl.
dimensions HxWxD approx. 34x29x32 cm
Every object shown here embodies the craftsmanship of our glassblowers. Behind each of the objects that appear so bright, cheerful and colorful is a complex, often sweaty manufacturing process. Today, only a few people or factories have mastered the ancient, demanding craft of the glassmaker.
Almost all known techniques of cold and hot glass processing can be used in the Borowski glass factory - this enables the artists to realize refined visions and always new, experimental ideas.
The three brothers Stani-Jan, Wiktor and Pawel Borowski learned from the beginning how to use the glass pipe and the glowing material. While Wiktor mainly takes care of sales, Pawel and Stani-Jan work on the glass furnace on site every day in the factory.
Mouth-blown and traditionally handcrafted glass items may have slight color and shape variations that are unavoidable for manufacturing reasons. Air pockets in the glass are a sign of the handmade product and should not be considered a defect. Deviations of a few centimeters may occur in the size specifications.
The objects in the STUDIO LINE collection bring the unmistakable artistic characteristics and qualities of Borowski production to everyday life. At first glance, they simply adorn their owners' shelves, lounge and dining tables as imaginative, fun and elegant works of art. But they're not content to remain mere art objects: chubby, friendly birds or some other kind of social fantasy creature. Oh no! They are also candlesticks, fruit bowls, vases or table lamps. They represent the lively, open art concept that is so typical of the work of the Borowski brothers. It goes without saying that every object from the STUDIO LINE is an individual piece and made by hand with a lot of love and an eye for detail.
Note: When it says 'in stock', this does not mean that we always have this item in stock in our gallery in Maastricht. Feel free to email or call us if you have any further questions about this item.

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